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Alone-time should be appreciated

Have you ever felt alone? Have you ever felt left behind without any help or company? Were the feelings dark and negative? The reason for this is that people, especially in our generation, don’t know how to be alone. How to spend time without having somebody around.

For a matter of a fact, we first have to figure out how to feel fulfilled when we’re alone. When nobody’s around. The problem with this situation is that people automatically think that they are unwanted if they spend time on their own. People think that for having a good time, you have to be in company. That you have to have somebody with you.

Having the ability to spend time without anybody else but yourself is very rare. People prefer going out with friends, eating with family and doing literally nothing but with people around. They really don’t know how to be alone and how to have fun without somebody around. I don’t say that living cut off from the world is good either. I only want to emphasize that having a balance between both, alone and together, is the best way to live a life.

The reason for appreciating alone-time is that you are able to develop. You can make whatever you want. For example, learn the instrument or the language you always wanted to. There’s time to think about some things, you wouldn’t have if there were other people around. It’s always difficult to face some things. And I believe that being alone, or by yourself, could be scary for some. But at the end, the alone-time just gives you the possibility to live in peace with yourself. Being able to be on your own means being confident with yourself.

You learn how to organize and depend on just yourself and nobody else. If you are alone, you learn how to be confident and, after that, you can be more yourself if you speak with strangers or make new friends. Alone-time gives you the ability to build up your relationship with yourself. Because before you can be with others, you first have to be with yourself. Being alone is like medicine for the soul. Even if friends and family are a big part of your life, you are, too.

Find the balance, feel the wonder.

You deserve to be happy. With people around you, and on your own.

Signature of N. Hilal from Selîhâl