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Do not let self-doubt control your life (tatt)


Self-doubt can be shown in many different ways. And often, people don’t even recognize that they are unconfident. They experience some problems and have some specific habits which make them constantly sad. But they do not know, what the origin of this self-doubts is.

I love Tumblr and I love to see, how people express themselves through texts, pictures, and photos. According to that, I’ve decided to introduce a new series on my blog: Tatt – “Think About Tumblr Thursday”.

My personal experience with self-doubt

For the first post, I picked the post of this Tumblr member. It’s because I could recognize myself in this post. “When you write something and you get so into it and it turns out so freaking long you’re unsure if anyone would want to read it”. It’s not that I get unsure of myself because my post is so long. It’s because I am the person who wrote this. I’m the kind of person, who want’s to see some results after I made something I’m proud of. I want to see cherished and want to get some attention. Not because I want to be very successful as a person; It’s because I think that what I write could help others.

Since I was a kid (And I know, I’ll get a bit personal in this post) I wanted to be some kind of helper. Somebody, who could be able to show people other perspectives and also that they are not alone. I’ve been through some things in my life, and, no, I do not think that I’ve seen enough. There are people out there who went through so much more pain and bad situations. And I’ve full respect for them because they’re still fighting and living. But I think, sometimes, even people like me are able to understand others. It doesn’t have to be the greatest things. It can be something like a bad mood or a heartbreak. But still, I WANT to reach people because I think I’ll be able to show them what I’ve experienced. Even if I’m not able to help them completely, I eventually tried.

This kind of unsureness and self-doubt is common in our society. In Germany, according to data from 2014, 15.4 percent of respondents react with massive self-criticism on negative experiences. They “mentally lambast and insult themselves”. 7 percent are limited in their interaction with others because of the self-doubts. And 6.6 percent said that they suffer depression and eating disorders because of the self-doubts. (Source)


Reasons for self-doubt

Self-doubt can have many reasons. Bad experiences in the past, never getting the desired and necessary attention of people you love and admire. Or just because you never actually thought good about yourself. No matter what it is, you HAVE to analyze your situation and find this origin. To beat self-doubt and unsureness you have to find the root of it. Because, everything that follows this root, is a developed form of it. If you get rid of these kinds of developments, you won’t have the desired result.

Imagine a Tree. If you prune the trees, the branches will come back after some time. But if you log the tree, they will be gone forever. Just try to apply this on the self-doubt: If you get rid of the origin, you will get rid of the self-doubts.

Get rid of self-doubt

It’s not the easiest thing to do and believe me, it’s a process. It’s a development you have to go through. But just imagine how beautiful life can be if you’re confident and have self-esteem. You can go through life and smile. You can be happy!

And, last but not least, I want to advise you, the Tumblr Member, something: It is not important how long your posts are. There are always people who are interested in what you write and believe me, sometimes, it doesn’t even matter IF there are actually people who would read the post. At the end, the reason for writing is not getting attention by others. Sometimes, writing is only a way to heal yourself and structure your mind. So, the next time you wonder if somebody’s going to read your post: Publish it and share your thoughts. Because one day, somebody WILL need to hear what you have to say. You can never be sure if there’s somebody who needs these tiny words. Who knows? Maybe someday, someone will see your post and will be happy that you published it, because of the impact it had on his or her life.


Signature of N. Hilal from Selîhâl