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You are unique and matchless

You can find the word “unique” in everyday life as often as a unicorn apart from television. We could read billions of articles and quotes about how beautiful and amazing we are. But only one with negativity can catapult us back to the well know self-doubting. From an early age, we are confronted by people and media which emphasizes our weaknesses. It’s easier to find something that bothers us on ourselves than something which we find good. Or beautiful. Or a reason to forget all of our ‘negative aspects’.

The only thing you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.

– Neil Gaiman

As I stated before, it’s pretty rare that someone calls another person unique. And it is indeed pretty rare to find something so beautiful, inspiring and positive as this quote, published by a person on Tumblr. I was totally surprised that there are people who have enough self-esteem to think that they are unique. I really don’t know who this Tumblr member is. But I want to thank her that she gave me something so beautiful to write about. I really think that this should be spread on the internet, as well as the positivity which comes along with it.

As a person, who will exist only one time, you are unique. You, as a person, as a human being and an existence, are unique. Thinking, working, playing and writing. Helping, looking, saving and singing. Dancing, running, speaking and living. There are differences in the things you do or don’t do. And these differences are the main aspects, the ones which differentiate you from the rest.

This is not specified for just one person. Everyone around the globe has the benefit of being different. The right to be different. When you were born, while you grow up and after you leave this world, you will be remembered as unique as you are. And because everyone is different and unique and especially matchless, nobody has to compare themselves or others, to another person. You have to see it as a blooming flower. No matter how fast and how beautiful one flower grows, the other only focus on its own growth. There is no competition. And there is really no doubt that you will be the best of yourself if you want to be.

Just a kind reminder:

Never forget that you are you. You will be you and there’s nothing to change about that. And since you have the pleasure to be the unique form of yourself, you should make the best out of it. I’m totally sure that you will be as amazing as everyone else you admire and wish to be. Even better, because nobody can be a better ‘you’ than yourself.

Signature of N. Hilal from Selîhâl