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Roadtrip experiences and advice

As you know from my Instagram I went on a roadtrip just a few weeks ago. We drove through some of the western cities of Turkey and visited some historical places. Most of the trip was amazing. I gained some knowledge about my own culture. I saw and lived through the past history of my wonderful country. And I got the chance to gratefully cross out a wish on my bucket list.

Even though I would never ever want to miss this experience, I surely wanted to change some things. Because, although I enjoyed the entire trip, there were some things, which could have been different. As I always say: You can only call it an experience if there’s something you would improve the next time. So, here we go; My experiences and advice.

  • Don’t even think about doing everything spontaneously. We already went on a kind of limited-time-roadtrip when my family took us children to London. But the main difference between that trip and the trip to Turkey was the planning. My dad planned everything through before we went to London. Contrary to Turkey, we just got in the van and drove from city to city. no research, no planning. This ended in total chaos because sometimes, we couldn’t see some places because the opening hours already passed. A little bit of spontaneity is OK, but some things have to be looked up. Otherwise, you’re not able to bring the best out of everything.
  • The car you’re driving in will define the mood you have outside. Well, I would’ve appreciated if a van would have been the vehicle we used on our roadtrip. Nope, our car was a small Peugeot. Every time I wanted to look out of the window, my head would bang on the headliner. And because we are three sisters, we had a very small space to even move for eating. This caused a very dimmed mood, which affected the behavior you had outside the car. You get used to it, but still, a bigger vehicle is more practical.
  • Always go for the regional cuisine. Because if you want to have the full experience, always eat the food, hyped and fancied in the city you are. Sometimes, even places in a special city have different regional cuisines. Here we are again with the research. Always look up, what’s typical *insert city here* and eat it. Often the best restaurants and premises are out-of-town. You have to research a bit deeper or ask a local for the best advice. They will help you find the best place to eat the right food for the exact city.
  • Be sure to have someone who takes esthetic photos of you. Because going on a roadtrip isn’t as common, as you think. As I said before, I’m 18 and this was my first roadtrip even though this point is on my bucket list since years. Photos capture moments, about which you will forget with the time. But photos are always there to let you remember. Thank you, Burcu for that.  I’d always choose you when it comes to travel the world. ❤
  • Combine your clothes differently. You will be on the road, most of the time. Every night will be spent in another place. You will be sweating and you’re gonna make sure to wear the right clothes at the right places. So choose wisely! Because differently combined clothes can look totally different PLUS you won’t be carrying tons of clothes. Be sure to have compensatory clothes with you. As I said, you will definitely be sweating and, it happens too, you’re going to be dirty at the end of the day. Especially if the roads of a village are as dusty as the ones in Turkey.
  • Overlook little arguments. It’s true, you will be stressed out in some situations. You will be on the edge and sometimes, you want to jump off the car. But it’s okay. It will go as fast as it came. Because you will be spending literally every second with your peers, the nerves will be strung to the breaking point. But never forget that this is just because of that. Just because the circumstances don’t give you another option. The time you’re spending together is good. You have fun and you will have fun. You just have to overlook some arguments and some provocations. Because none of your companions means to lower the mood. Just chillax and calm down. You will appreciate every nerve you had, to be and react patiently. Because, as I said, the situation is just momentarily. It will go away, faster than you can say “Just sh*t up, ok?”.

Never forget to be happy in general because nobody knows, when you will get the next opportunity to go on a roadtrip.

Don’t forget to check out my Maps page, because soon, there will be some great locations. You will be able to see some tested and seen places, where you can go too if you’re searching for something in particular.

Signature of N. Hilal from Selîhâl