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Photography while vacations

Photography is a love affair with life – Burk Uzzle.

This man, a legendary photographer, with photos so deep, knew the importance of captured moments. And, I, as a person who admires and adores art, am into photography and expressing feelings. I love how photos have a language for themselves. How these photos are able to speak, without a word written in addition to it. And how photos are able to tell a story, never told before. Just a few years ago, photography was nothing more than a means to an end. I wanted to share some beautiful places and my outfits. It did not matter that the photo was a bit blurry, overexposed or even taken in the dark and lightened up with editors on my old phone.

But also as a person who loves every second of their life. But sometimes, you ask yourself, especially on vacation, if taking photos does not take away the opportunity of living in the moment. Because if you photograph something, the moment could pass by while you look through the ocular. There is a chance of missing something unique because you desperately wanted to take a photo and save it forever. You see? Even the worst sentences have a beautiful ending. Because, even if you miss the moment, your camera does not.

There’s always the risk of not seeing the things, places and whatever because something came between. Even a short blink could lead to that. But cameras do not blink. They don’t do something else so that they possibly could miss it. I can agree with the fact that seeing something with your own eyes is more beautiful than seeing something from a photo. But have you ever looked at a picture, which was taken months and years ago, and you have become nostalgic? You literally felt the same emotions as in the exact moment. And you could smell and even taste it? That, my dear friends, is what I call the magic of a photo. It’s a grand power to retell the story, lived in this moment, captured in a photo.

I think, my art teacher from high school had a great influence on me: People don’t have to read, to understand the meaning behind a picture. And this is what I want to achieve with photography. The story, meaning and the emotions behind a photo or a picture should be visible without letters which are strung together so they add up to a word, which adds up to a sentence.

So, if you ask me, taking pictures while vacations are not as bad as some people think. Assuredly, the best photos are taken by the eyes and saved in your heart. Because these pictures can never be taken away from anybody. But one day, you will want to look back at special moments, in which your emotions were up high. And, as I said before, having a prehensile something in your hands, which will take you back to the moment, is beautiful as well.

Photography gives us the opportunity to enlighten other people’s lives with happiness. And not to forget, our lives as well. The brain is not a storage. It’s a system for processing.

And for being able to live in the moment, you have to capture the passing by, before they are gone forever.

Signature of N. Hilal from Selîhâl