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The spirit of traveling

As you know, traveling is one of my passions. It’s one of my most beloved activities and if I had the possibilities, I would visit every country. I know that I am not the only person who thinks and feels like that. There are people out in the world, who are as amazed as I am. Some of them even show their adventures through blogs as I do. Photos, stories, and feelings. All of them published on the internet, so others are able to get a taste for and of it. Wanderlust, known by many, understood by even more. Because, this word is not only a description of feelings, it’s a need of the soul. It bears all the spirit and the magic of the world, places, and the perfect timing.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, photography has a huge power. It is able to tell stories without the need of mentioning words. It is able to evoke feelings, unspoken and never felt, but also emotions which already lay in the past. And I do believe that traveling itself has a wonderful spirit. If the photos amaze you, then the actual live-viewed places will amaze you even more. 

A left behind pool, an old house or an evergreen forest. All of them share the same thing: A magical spirit, seen by so less. For somebody, it can only be a place like any other. They step on the ground, pass by without even noticing the story this exact place is able to tell if you just listen.

When it comes to me, I always had a special bond with my surroundings. I was and I still am able to connect with a place on an emotional basis. Be it the apartment we lived in as a child, about which I could share some beautiful memories. Or be it the pavilion in which I had a picknick where all of my relatives came together. 

And it does not even have to be a place which gave me a long-lasting memory. It can be a place, where I lived in the moment. As if I can feel the spirit it wants to share with me. The memories it bears, like people who were standing on the exact spot like me. Or animals which walked over the same place. People who breathed the same air as I did. Be it a small memory of this place: It is worth sharing and worth your time. Because this is how a place still exists: Through the people who admire and share moments with it.

This is my advice for everyone: Feel. Try to feel the magic and the memories of the city, the country and the place wants to tell. Because if you listen to it, you might fall in love with it. And as soon as you love a place, you’ll eventually love the world. And if you love the world, you will do everything in your power to save and preserve it.

Signature of N. Hilal from Selîhâl