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Is it passion, or just a path to success?

Once you’re in your 20s, sometimes earlier, sometimes later, you begin to wonder if what you’re doing is your passion or not. Many are starting to make plans for the future, to prepare for the unpredictable. Some, on the other hand, are content with what is coming their way, so they do not want to do much more than the bare minimum.

However, one way or another, everyone has one thought: success. Success can be expressed in different ways. It can be financial independence, wealth, and profit, but also happiness, joy and contentment. Success in life, success in career, success in love – the category does not matter at either. What is important is that everyone wants it in one way or another.

When it comes to finding out how success and passion are connected, many people are stuck. Because usually, and that is just what I observe in my environment, many see their passion equally with what they are working for at the moment: graduation, wage increase, etc. And then put this “passion” equal to the success, if you arrive at the desired point. But I would like to contradict.

Think about the following question, and easily figure out if what you do is your passion or not:

In a hypothetical world, it is guaranteed that you will reach your desired goal, whether you work for it or not. The sure success is promised. Would you still do that exact thing you were doing to reach the goal? Would you continue to do these things that would’ve brought you to the goal without this promise?

An example: You want to become a famous author. Maybe you already have one or another unpublished book. Now, in this hypothetical world, you are promised that you will definitely be a famous author. You can even stop writing. And although you were assured of this guaranteed success, would you continue to write despite everything?

Ask yourself these questions, because if your answer is, “Yes, it does not matter that I get the success or not, I would still write (or whatever it is in your case)” then you really make it out of passion, not because you care about the success in the first place; about the final stage at the end of a hassle. It’s about the thing itself, and that’s what makes a passion.

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