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The risks of not knowing who you are

From experience I can say that people follow the advice of others rather than follow their own knowledge. You can already know a lot of things, have researched a lot, read, heard. But when there is somebody standing right in front of you and starts to repeat exactly what you already knew, that has a very different value.

For it is often the case that these people, unlike oneself, do not look at things individually. Nothing is individual or isolated from the rest. Instead, everything is in a big picture full of wisdom, lifestyles and, above all, advice. After all, the overall picture is what causes an “Ah!” moment on some and sets the hare running.

After an amazing conversation with a, in my eyes, experienced and wise speaker, I have been able to find out a lot of my own “dark” side. The parts, which are not necessarily bad, but are still in the dark; the parts of myself, which I do not even know. And in which it is necessary to bring light, to get to know myself.

In fact, he had also found a solution to how we could get to know ourselves. A solution to explain our fears and wishes. “There is no magic formula,” he said, but there is a way. And only with the tiny word Why. Why that and why this? Have you found out the reason, you ask again. Found a reason? Ask again. Into the depths, find the reason for the reason, for the reason, for the reason. Because only this way, you’ll find the cause. That’s the only way I found the cause.

I know my name. I know that I am a student, believing in a certain religion. How my parents are called, and also my siblings. The city in which I was born. But basically, I do not know who I am. And that’s what I fail in all aspects of my life, sooner or later. These are the risks of not knowing who you are. I do not know myself, but I try to, with a tremendous control addiction, capture a picture, which may or may not represents me in my eyes. Or maybe it’s just because I do not know myself, that I have this control addiction. I am afraid to make me vulnerable. To talk about myself; to find something to talk about, something that concerns me. To give people an answer to a “why” – just because I do not know it either.

The risks of not knowing who you are, are endless. They’re endless, because after all, you basically do not know anything. Nothing worth knowing – you live someone else’s life when you do not know who you are. It may look like it’s your life, but how do you want to know if you do not know yourself? Never knew yourself, never tried to improve your relationship with yourself.

Basically, the risk of not knowing who you are is not living. You will spend a lifetime looking for something that will satisfy you. What makes you happy? What gives you the feeling of a life worth living? But the answer can only be found in the relationship to oneself. It’s worth working on – the only thing worth working for. Because when the base is stable, when the identity is stable, the rest stable as well. “Like a house.”

A big thank you to Isa from Master Your Mind. Thank you for the wonderful conversation that we had, in which you’ve helps me a lot, to improve myself as well.

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