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Remember the goals you work towards to

Goals are set by those who want to structure their life and achieve something. As you know, I’ve started university last October and had some struggles. The beginning was something like a “YES. I will totally rock this.” Then there was this difficult middle-part which I would define as the 1st-semester-phase. And then the greatly feared exam-phase. I was not able to study the right way, as I mistook the amount of work you have to muster up. Eventually, I turned the corner (well, if you can say that passing just one exam is turning the corner) and figured out what my mistake was.

Nevertheless, here’s the reason why I was failing: I forgot the reason for me beginning university. Surely, I had also forgotten how to study effectively, but imagine trying to build a house on quicksand. You won’t be able to live in there or be successful at all. If you don’t have a stable and robust base, you will fail. And that’s the matter with all of the things we do:

We remember that we want to achieve this or that. But we actually forget the reason. So if I had studied the right way, I’d still be failing completely or passing with bad grades. Because, the reason for you beginning to do something, is your motivation at the same time. That applies to university, to your career, and also to bloggers. It’s pretty important to do everything for a reason. If there is no passion, then be so. If you don’t like to do something, alright. Since you can’t just break off school in 4th grade, you have to accept it. You don’t have a saying there.

That’s what I want you to understand: Life comes up with the most unfair and difficult situations. It’s not always perfect and free of care. There will be situations in which you don’t have a saying at all. But that’s okay. Because not only does accepting the things, you cannot change will brighten up your life. But also if you make the best out of it. See the chances in things you’d do anyway. So if you don’t like going grocery shopping but you have to because you’d starve otherwise: Just see the chance of exploring new food and for example cooking different dishes. And if you hate going to school but you are clearly not able to stop going there, you can see the chance of getting your high school diploma and beginning something you like. 

Goals and reasons for the actual beginning are the keys to success. If you work towards something, you are more likely to achieve it, because the process won’t be as hard anymore. Focusing on the good and on the goal will motivate you more than just the “I have to do it, so I am doing it”-reason. 

People tend to believe that they won’t ever be able to control their lives. As for them, they only see them being duped by the world and fate. Being always on the bad side of their lives, although they believe that they try. You don’t have to move mountains. Not trying to be the over-optimistic pain in the neck every one of us hates, but instead of always implying the life has it in for you, try to give a shrug and make the best out of it. You ‘ll see that everything will fall into place if you just learn to manage the circumstances your life brings up.

Quick reminder: I am not implying this to people who suffer from hunger, war or violence. And I am not asking the people who are in these kinds of situations to accept their circumstances. There is a big difference between people who are forced into harm and pain which is not acceptable at all. This post is referring to the people who actually think the whole world is against them just because they missed the bus and had to do too much paperwork at the office. People who actually don’t know how blessed they are and how much power they have over their lives. Know the difference.

Work towards your goals. And if you tend to forget them, you can create a pin-boards for visualizing. Goals are made by us and made for us. They help you create your life the way you want. Dreaming big and setting the right goals, achievements and whatever is the best way to be happy. Be happy, because life is beautiful. Life has so many opportunities for us, we often don’t even see them. Open your eyes and try to understand that most of the circumstances you live in are changeable. Just a little courage and willpower often is what is needed. 

Signature of N. Hilal from Selîhâl