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What you’re letting slip while you envy the successes of others

Often we are so focused on others that we do not see what we miss. We do not see what is going on beautifully in our lives and because we do not pay attention, straight out again.

While we envy the successes of others, we not only miss the beauties of life. We are missing out on our own successes – those already created, and above all those, we could have created. “Could have”, once we would’ve looked.

It is said that when a flower blooms, it does not pay attention to other flowers. It grows and thrives at its own time. Some flowers become bouquets. Others floral wreaths. Still, others remain in place so that a passer-by can enjoy its appearance. The flowers are not interested in what happens to the others. They are only interested in themselves.

We humans have to become like flowers. Focus on the beauties in our lives. Be happy about what happens to us, while others do their thing. The nice thing about humans is that we still have the possibility of free self-development. We have active action and are little to hardly bound to other external influences. Yet every day we choose to be distracted by the lives of others. We forget constantly that these very people have not given this envy a chance to spread, and thus have blossomed themselves.

People do not take away your success. But neither can they just give you part of theirs. Instead of envy, action is needed at this point. Quite simply, if you want to be just as successful as the people around you, then you have to work just like them. It does not depend on the quantity, but on the strategy: you only have to be interested in your own success. All other achievements already have owners.

Signature of N. Hilal from Selîhâl