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You only need a vacation because of stress

How often do we hear ourselves saying that we need a vacation again? Or that we can hardly wait for the Fridays? Too often we have the feeling that we are burdened with work, the university, the school, or whatever. And that we just need a break from it. Even some things we like to do, give us little pleasure after a while, so we long for a “break”.

We forget this: If you like something, you do not need a holiday. If you love something and do it passionately, then you do not have to take off for a few days. You would not want to take the days off at all – Because the work is what you want.

It’s understandable that people often just need a short break. That they have to eat in between. Or get the sleep the body naturally demands in the evening. But if you love your job, whether you earn your money with it or just doing it for fun, you usually do not feel constricted.

It is another thing to have a vacation from the stress of working within the atmosphere. That you just want to switch off without being disturbed by the stress of colleagues or employers. That you might prefer to do the work in a quieter place. But at exactly that point, you have to do this differentiation. Otherwise, you can quickly develop a subconscious disinclination to work, which is just not the reason for the demand for vacation.

You just need a holiday from stress, not from what you love. Because usually, you’ll do those things you love in your free time as well. So, if you really need a vacation from work, it would be good to think about whether what you do is worth the time you invest in it, or not.

Signature of N. Hilal from Selîhâl