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Tell me, how many lives do you still have?

Have you ever realized that you act like you have multiple lives? As if you could reach every goal, you’ve set for yourself, because you will still live another 100 years? Well, here’s something, I’d like to tell you:

Everything will go its way, but nothing like how you’ve planned.

We don’t know what will happen next. As I stated before, life is unpredictable. There are no other lives we will live. Unless you don’t believe in reincarnation, you just have this life. This life, which you get to form the way you want. There’s this common thing in every life: You don’t get to know when this life will end. And you definitely won’t get another chance to achieve the goals, you once set for yourself, if you don’t do it NOW.

“I’ll do it tomorrow.” – “It’s not due until next week.” – “We can still visit her next month.” There’s the thing about us, planning for the future. Often it’s not really planning. We just assume that we still have a lot of time. That’s nothing but procrastinating and wasting time. Yes, this is exactly what we do: Wasting time. Pretending to live another 10 lives or even just another few years. And as harsh as it sounds, we really don’t know, if we will see the next morning. Or even the next hour…

And as negative as it sounds, I really want to be optimistic and encourage you. I want to encourage you to do whatever you have to do. Whatever you want to do. And whatever you should do. Because we really don’t know if we will regret not doing it in time. We could die every moment, and then, that’s it. No more plans but trying to live just a bit longer. Trying to rescue yourself from whatever will happen after you realize that there is no more time. No more hour, day, weeks and months. 

So I would like to ask you again: What do you think, how many lives you’ll still live, that you allow yourself to do absolutely nothing? When you, in reality, should do other things. Things, which are essential, which are loved and important to you. Yes, life is unpredictable. Yes, plans won’t do much of a difference because life can and will come across your plans. But the intention, from the heart, to do something… That’s what we actually need. We have to be thankful that we woke up this morning. Why do we waste our times? Why don’t we get up and focus?

Signature of N. Hilal from Selîhâl