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I’m Hilal. I’m a blogger.

I’m a 20-years-old girl living in Germany. But since August 2018, I was studying abroad in Nijmegen/Netherlands, where I also lived for a few months, but just came back home in January. I began blogging at the age of 10 when my friends and I decided to create a blog where we share our daily lifestyle. As I became older, I wanted to have a blog for myself, something that represented me, so was born. After 3 years of blogging and not reaching anything except 13 followers and 4000 total pageviews, I restarted. I started all over again with, and after that renamed my blog to And so, here I am, chitchatting with you and enjoying writing!

Apart from writing on my blog, I’m also a new author in the big world of book-writing. Currently, I’m writing two books. Besides that, I am also designing and sketching. Before I decided to study social sciences, I wanted to become a fashion designer or a fashion journalist.

About Selihal header

Selîhâl is a mixture of Selîka and Hilal. This blog is about my experiences in my life, and in the life of others. I want to write about things, others are afraid to talk about. Things, people tend to push to the side and suppress. That’s the motto of my blog: Revealing unspoken thoughts.

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