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My experience with Pula

I visited Pula in 2016. We went there with our biology class to go to a marine school. While having the researches, we also got a chance to visit Pula’s most loved attractions. One of them is the widely known Arena of Pula, which you can also see in the pictures above.

Another great attraction was the Cave of Pula, an amazing grotto. I overcame my fear of the ocean right in front, and after a while in the water, in this exact cave. Which is a reason for my emotional attachment to this place.

Gortanova Uvala as well is an amazing place, a beach with a clear sea. From the place we stayed over the week, we only had to walk 5 minutes this beach. I remember amazing nights there, with my dear friends. It is beautiful how the sun shines on it when it’s daytime and how the stars and the moon seem to make this place magical at night.