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I’m N. Hilâl. I’m a writer.

I’m a 21-years-old living in Germany. My heart is embroidered with many flags thought. Turkish origins, born and raised in Germany, lived and found myself in the Netherlands, speaking and laughing in French, Spanish, and Arabic.

I began blogging at the age of 10 when my friends and I decided to create a blog where we share our daily lifestyle. As I became older, I wanted to have a blog for myself, something that represented me, so was born. After 3 years of blogging I started all over again with, and after that renamed my blog to

Apart from writing on my blog, I’m also a new author in the big world of book-writing. Currently, I’m writing on my first ever book. I love expressing myself and my thoughts through words – while hiding deep secrets between the lines. I aim to make a change in the world, the size doesn’t matter. The reason of me never giving up on writing and publishing is that I want to touch souls. Lost, found, happy, sad, searching, or even balanced souls, just to take them on the adventure of life, and beyond.

About Selihal header

Selîhâl came into life when I was alone on vacation in Turkey. I was searching for myself and trying to discover things about the world and also about the people around me. When I decided to bring Selîhâl into life, I wanted to extend the platform of Peonycrescent, my former blog. The reason for its establishment should be writing about things that matter, but no one ever speaks about.

With the time I realized, that this is not exactly what I want to continue with. I decided that I wanted to dedicate my whole blog to my passion: Writing. Passion is not just a character trait, or a hobby, or something you earn money with, but rather a way of life and the set of values you have. And because of that nothing will exactly change with the shift in themes the blog will be about – There is just going to be a little bit more of myself in all those texts.

Selîhâl is a mixture of Selîka and Hilâl. Selîka means “the ability to talk and write beautifully” and Hilal (which is my legal name) means “crescent moon”.