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Time helps us get used to it

Life is not as easy as the romances you read, or the comedy movies you watch. There isn’t something like a beginning and ending, which are defined clearly. Instead, the reality is always changing, never following a straight line, and can’t be predicted. We are constantly facing difficulties. Not only do we get upset if something’s not working out like planned, often we even lay low. We stop continuing and let the reality pass by while we try to overcome those obstacles.

Well, how often do we hear that something will be okay in the future? There are a lot of people who constantly repeat that everything will be fine after a while. But, do we really believe this? As I mentioned in an early blog post before, I do not believe that there are people out in the world, who never faced some difficulties. And, as small as it is, we always have some painful flashbacks to the time, where we felt helpless and sad. So, why do we always say “You’ll get over it with the time”, instead of “There will be a time, where it will not hurt badly anymore”?

That’s the point. I don’t believe that we will get over the pain, the sadness, and disappointments. I believe in the curing the time brings with itself. There is a strong belief that someday, we will look back to all of this and say: “Well, I hurt badly, but now I am okay. I’ve learned so much about it, and it helped me grow. The feeling of pain is still present, but now, it’s just a little reminder of my battle in life. I don’t suffer anymore.”


And instead of desperately trying to get something down and forget it, you can now try to accept it as it is. If there is nothing you can do about it – a situation which is not changeable – you’ll get in the state of peace, if you let it be, as it is. Never ever try to ruin your own inner peace through overthinking. Things, that won’t change, with no money, with no army and without anything else but (seen religiously) the help of the Almighty, are things which have to be accepted. Which are not discussable, and not worth being sad/disappointed/upset/angry/… about. 

Time never lets us forget, it helps us get used to it.  

Most importantly: Never lose hope. Hope is what lets us breathe frequently, lets us sleep peacefully. Because, even if you are not a Muslim, remember this sentence: “Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.” (Al-Inshiraah 94:5-6)

Signature of N. Hilal from Selîhâl