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Throne made of all the girls you stepped on

A few weeks ago I experienced something, which made me… sad? Mad? Maybe also a bit angry. It was a behavior of a blogger who I “met” on Twitter and… well, she was pretty rude. She recently got a bit more successful, after a long pause. And I don’t know why, but this success-boost made her a bit arrogant. It made me think about other bloggers and entrepreneurs, as well as YouTubers. I got in contact with a few successful YouTubers and, even though they had over 1.000.000 subscribers, they never seemed to be supercilious. They were nice, friendly and polite. It felt right speaking to them since they never made me feel inferior. We were on the same wavelength – The only difference between us was the number of people who followed us.

After this experience, I paid attention to people around me and also on the internet. I was curious if I overlooked some specific characteristics. Just because I know somebody very well, I never noticed that a few of my friends acted the same way as the blogger. They felt superior just because they were a bit more successful. Some of them very rude and impolite just because someone was not as “good” as them. And this made me really angry. I remembered a quote I saw on Tumblr a long time ago and searched it on the internet:

You are not a queen if your throne is made of all the girls you stepped on just to make you look superior.

This is totally right. You can’t build a realm if your throne is built on an unsteady basis. These girls will get well again and dethrone you. When we take away the dramatic part off of it, this quote basically says you: You will never be successful if your only achievement is to make it look like the other people are inferior.

I had a friend, with which I got along very well. This was until I recognized that she was nothing but envious and jealous. Not only because of the achievements I had but of everyone else’s too. She never felt like she was good in something, so she began sabotaging others. She stole ideas, she boasted with good grades and made fun of failures of others. Even if we were friends, she never really behaved like one. And this not only happens in real life but also on the internet. I may have been strong enough to quit this friendship or answer the rude blogger. But there are people out there who do not have enough courage to say something back. To actually go over these things and live their life like always.

Throne made of all the girls you stepped on, Post by Nisa Hilal on Peonycrescent. Dolmabahce Saray and Nisa Hilal

Before I had the self-esteem I have now, I stopped being good in something. I wouldn’t want anybody to feel bad because I achieved something others couldn’t. But this is wrong too. Never ever stop doing something you like and are good at. Just because somebody can’t reach the success you can, it does not mean that you shouldn’t reach it too.

Never stop being good at something because others give you the feeling that you do not deserve it. And if they try making you feel bad about it, or if they treat you inferior, you should stop speaking and be interacting with them. You are worth all the success if you are yourself, work hard and are original.

And if you are a part of the basis, the throne of another person is built on, stand up and let the throne fall apart.

Help others, be a family and be a partner. Especially when it comes to blogging. It’s already pretty difficult to be noticed, don’t make it more difficult by letting others feel inferior.

Signature of N. Hilal from Selîhâl