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Am I a feminist?


What is a feminist? What do they do and how are they seen in the society?

Well, good question. I’ve researched a bit and decided to look up some “definitions” of a feminist on the well-known website Urban Dictionary. First, it seemed to have some good definitions which I would agree on, too. But, since it’s a website, where everybody is allowed to post a definition, it can be really offending. To be honest, I was really shocked as I continued to read on pages two to four. After page four, I stopped. It was shattering. I have no words that could nearly describe my feelings.


Before I’ll show you the various definitions on Urban Dictionary, I searched for a more definite definition of the word feminism. I’d say that the Oxford Dictionary has the best definition. This seems reliable and I think that this definition is something, REAL feminists are fighting for. The equality of the sexes.

So why is it this difficult to fight for the right things? Why do people have issues with conveying the right values and the right motives?

Urban Dictionary – Right definitions

Feminist-definition-1 Feminist-definition-2

There are people out there who are able to see the right motives. They are able to define this group of people in a right way without insulting them.

Urban Dictionary – Wrong definitions

Feminist-definition-3 Feminist-definition-4

And then there are people who are constantly insulting women. They’ve gone too far by offending them this way. And this person below… Well, I felt really badly insulted. I mean, he didn’t offend feminists, no. He offended every single woman on this earth, even his mother, his sisters, his grandmother and every other female relative. I have no words, which are able to describe my anger and my shock.Feminist-definition-5

Just look at these hashtags and this example. His text is totally against women in general. And it hurts to see that there ARE people out in the world, who really do think this kind of… whatever it is. But he isn’t alone. There are 3k human beings who actually liked this definition. I can imagine how frustrated and hurt this person must have been to write those insulting words. Another reason for such dehumanizing words is simply not possible.

People must understand…

… that women are humans too. I can understand if you don’t like women, who run through the streets without a top, just because they think that they are objectified. I can understand if you don’t like women, who hate men in general. Women, who do not know, what being a feminist means. But in my eyes – and please correct me if I’m wrong – they are no feminists. As I showed you before, the definition of feminism is the advocacy of women rights. A “fight” for equality in society. And these women… Maybe they are fighting for the right reasons, but they assuredly do it wrong. Real feminists are able to fight with words.

Just like Emma Watson

Emma Watson (by the way, my biggest idol since forever), is the most beautiful woman – insight and out. She knows, what she is fighting for. Not only that women should have the same rights as men, but also that men should have the same rights as women. Why shouldn’t they be able to show their feelings if they want to? Why are they being called less male, just because they are expressing their thoughts and feelings like a normal human being is allowed to do. Emma Watson is a feminist. She knows, how to fight. She has a strong voice, with which she wants to reach more than just her community, but the whole world.

Now, Am I a feminist?

Long story short: Yes. Yes, I am a feminist. I fight for equality of the sexes. Not only because women deserve to be treated like an actual human being, but men deserve this too. People can be cruel. Just by saying “You’re such a p*ssy!”, “You can’t even beat a woman in sports!”, “You, as a girl, are more masculine than most of the men!” can shatter you and your personality. People, who say these kinds of things, want you to have less self-confidence. They are broken inside, they bear anger in themselves, the only way to make themselves feel good is by insulting others.

Not only that even in history, women fought for equal rights, they still have to do this. We’re in the 21st century and still, women feel oppressed and objectified because they’ve never met men, who do not “hate” women.  Even if there are men, who are feminists too – and I strongly believe that there ARE this kind of men – they fear to show it. Because, the moment they’ll show, they risk being insulted, too.

I think that this is the biggest problem of our society. They act cruelly just because people think differently. They let them feel like dirt, like nothing which has a value. I really do not know how to show these people that it IS okay to think for oneself. That it IS okay to have feelings, others or the majority do not have. It is okay to be a human, no matter how you look, how you feel, act or even say, as long as you do not insult or hurt others.

I strongly advise you to do the same: Just feel, do, say and think. Do not let others oppress you. Search for people who share your opinion. And be kind. Be kind to others. Spread love, spread kindness and be grateful for everything.

Therefore, Being a feminist does not have to be something bad if everyone shares the same definition. If everyone fights for the same motives. And for that, you don’t have to be a woman, you can be a man. Being human, fighting for human rights is the first step to a better world.


Signature of N. Hilal from Selîhâl